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Fire Safety Co-Sponsors Greek Life Leadership Training with Delta Chi Fraternity

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An image of fire safety personnel demonstrating the use of a fire extinguisher
Fire Safety Specialist John Keane (L) and Student Inspector Michael Weisberg (R) demonstrate correct fire extinguisher usage techniques during a recent training session with members of Greek Life organizations.

Over the past two years, the Office of Fire Safety developed and nurtured an ongoing partnership with the Montclair State University chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity. Our collaboration with these students has strengthened community relations and provided service and educational opportunities for the campus. On April 14, 2022, Fire Safety and Delta Chi co-sponsored a leadership training workshop for all Greek Life organizations chartered on campus. 

Fire Safety Specialist John Keane and student employees Jack Donohoe and Michael Weisberg serve as Volunteer Firefighters in the Lyndhurst, Oceanport, and Fairfield Fire departments. Donohoe and Weisberg are also members of Delta Chi. They conducted this event, “How to Fire Safe on Campus,” by sharing their training and experiences with 45 participating students representing four Greek organizations. Discussion topics included basic fire prevention awareness on and off-campus, a review of prohibited items and campus policies, cooking safety, fire extinguisher training, and the available Fire Safety resources that all students can further review.

Our Student Inspectors used this opportunity to represent our Fire Safety team and as ambassadors of their fraternity to spread the kind of safety awareness that all attendees can carry with them throughout their lives. “As members of the Delta Chi fraternity and being a part of Fire Safety at Montclair State University, it is important to have a strong relationship between both organizations, especially to help spread Fire Safety awareness to other students on campus. It’s a partnership that can only grow for our fraternity and Greek Life to help spread awareness and education about life safety. Training such as this makes us a safer campus and more aware as we journey through life. I feel it’s something that can grow beyond only one fraternity.”- Fire Safety Student Inspector Jack Donohoe 

This training event was well-received by attendees. Fire Safety personnel received many compliments about how informative this knowledge was for this audience. John Keane offered this reflection on the significance of the partnership with Delta Chi and this event: “This partnership has been truly great. Jack and Mike are always informing me that Delta Chi is looking for programming and training ideas, and having them as members of our Fire Safety team has been a major asset for us. After two successful training events with Delta Chi, we’re looking to expand on a greater scale, not just for Fire Safety but for other opportunities within University Facilities!”