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Category: Fire Safety Updates

Consumer Product Recalls: Hoverboards

Seven recalls announced by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in November 2017

Feature image for Smoke-Out Safety Training for Housekeeping Staff

Smoke-Out Safety Training for Housekeeping Staff

Space Heaters on Campus

A safety message from the Department of Fire Safety

Cooking Safety Tips from Fire Safety

Campus Fire Safety Month Sweepstakes

Enter between September 1-30 for a chance to win a $500 American Express Gift Card!

Prohibited Bed Risers

Feature image for Hoverboards Banned On Campus

Hoverboards Banned On Campus

Safety report from the University’s Fire Safety department.

U.S. Fire Administration’s Report

Campus Fire Fatalities in Residential Buildings 2000-2015

The Campus Fire Safety Sweepstakes

Utility System Smoke Testing

Director Robert Ferrara Selected as 2014 Fire Protection Inspector of the Year

The winning poster.

2013 Fire Safety Poster Contest Winner