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UF Partners with NJT to Increase Bus Shelter Capacity on Campus

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Photograph of NJ Transit Bus Shelters at the Red Hawk Deck
New bus shelters at the Red Hawk Deck

Parking Services administrators and division executive management recently attended an SGA Town Hall event where students expressed concerns about inadequacies in the bus shelters- especially during inclement weather- at the heavily used stop in front of the Red Hawk Deck.

The New Jersey Transit (NJT) Bus Operations Shelter Unit considered our request to replace the two existing shelters and install two additional structures.  They sent a team to scout the location, and provided the University with a site plan and maintenance agreement for the four new shelters, two of which are wheelchair accessible. The site plan was approved by Vice President Shawn Connolly and Building Sub Code Official Thomas Simpson.

NJT agreed to let the University take possession of the original shelters, which are still serviceable. Those structures were relocated to supplement the existing campus shuttle stops at University Hall and Lot 60.

Big thanks to NJ Transit and all of our staff that assisted in completing this project!