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Featuring our Majors

Hello! My name is Maël Finck and I am currently a senior majoring in French with a concentration in Translation and a minor in Spanish. I think my decision to study French started after learning the lyrics to “Habanera” from Bizet’s Carmen when I was seven. I really just loved the way it sounded. I soon moved French to the back burner and began teaching myself Spanish when I was thirteen, and then realized, “Huh, I’m kind of good at this language stuff,” and decided I wanted to do some sort of translation work in my future. I am now a receptionist at the French Institute: Alliance Française of Montclair, and I am also interning at La Misión Permanente de la República Dominicana of the United Nations. I am very excited to be working with Second Committee issues this fall, and look forward to the opportunities on the horizon!

Hi, my name is Caroline Kheir and I am a graduate student at Montclair State University. I’ve been studying French for almost my entire life. I earned my BA from Cairo, Egypt, and after moving to the U.S., I decided to seek a higher degree from an American institution. That’s when I learned about the Graduate Program in French Studies at Montclair State University. I started the master’s program last fall, and throughout my studying I’ve gained a lot of experiences and valuable knowledge about French literature, civilization and francophone cultures. Last summer I had the chance to be part of the study abroad program in Nice, France. I spent one month studying at the University of Nice where I immersed myself in the culture, food, and the language. It was probably one of the most incredible experiences in my life so far!

In addition to my studies, I am working as a Graduate Assistant for the French department. I help students with tutoring and organize a weekly conversation hour where students can practice their French in a casual setting.  I also work with professors and assist them in their research. Working as a GA has absolutely benefited my studies as well as my career prospects. And the best part is the FREE TUITION!