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Japan Club Program Spring 2023

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Japan Club History

The Japan Club was created in the Fall of 2004 following the decline of the Japanese Club. It was initiated by Matthew Papa who approached his Japanese professor, Yahui Olenik, to advise and help with the creation of Japan Club.

The Club started from SGA student organization Class IV and rose to the highest Class I through years of tireless work and creative programming. Today the Japan Club continues to flourish bringing Japanese culture, both traditional and popular, to our campus.

We give special thanks to the original Japan Club team:

  • Matthew Papa – Founder & President
  • Deirdre Maino – Co-founder & Vice President
  • Christopher Mack – poster design
  • Timothy Branin
  • Robyn Dahl
  • Christopher Gamsby
  • Carson Richel
  • Robert Stambaugh
Noodles and origami at the Japan Club Festival on campus
Hands-on at the Ikebana Flower Arranging Workshop