Photo of students making sushi

Japanese Language Circle

Japanese Language Circle, aka J-Circle

WHEN: Meets weekly on Wednesday 2:30 – 4:30 pm
WHERE: CS room 125
CONTACT: Yahui Olenik or Andrew Olenik

The Japanese Language Circle was created in 2002. It has been home for Japanese students ever since.

Also known as J-Circle, it is a place for MSU newcomers to feel at home and is a welcoming place for the returning students to develop friendship.  It provides an environment for learning and experiencing first-hand Japanese culture and tradition through foods, workshops, students’ presentations, and activities.  Moreover, the Japanese Language Circle brings vision and future to students by sponsoring yearly the JET Program Information Sessions since 2011 in addition to other career presentations.

J-Circle meets every Wednesday afternoon. Students bring their Japanese homework, they come to study for quizzes and tests. They come for help from their peers and instructors. Besides homework and study, the Circle has ongoing events and activities, including kana and kanji practice through karutatori (Japanese card game), conversation group, calligraphy with instructions, origami, plus everyone’s favorite: enjoying Japanese cuisine!

Please see some of our Japanese Language Circle Gallery videos and photos below. You could sense it is packed with energy, joy and good times!  We believe that it is the shared passion and interest in Japan and Japanese that brings us together which forms the J-Circle. We open our arms to welcome you!

VIDEO: Japanese Language Circle sings Edelweiss by Richard Rogers, in Japanese

VIDEO: “MSU, Japanese & Me” by Ella Cavanagh, winner of the 2024 Japanese Video Contest

PHOTO GALLERY: Japanese Language Circle events

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