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Study Abroad In Japan

Cara Rosner, shares her study abroad experience in Japan

Who: Cara Rosner, Montclair State University Class of 2021
Where: Temple University, Japan Campus
When: Fall of 2019
Major: Linguistics
Minors: Japanese/Asian Studies/Global Security and Diplomacy/International Studies
More info: JET ALT in Gunma Prefecture, 2021 ~ Present

Q&A with Cara about Temple University Tokyo Campus

Q1: What classes did you take?
I took 5 classes while at Temple: (They also used Canvas)
– Japan Today
– Japanese Culture
– Disaster Japan
– Chinese Foreign Policy
– Japanese Intermediate l
Q2: What were the classes like?
The classes placed more emphasis on discussion, essays and presentations rather than homework – except the Japanese class of course!
Q3: What can you tell us about the school in general?
English based school – Just in Japan with 41% of the school population being Japanese. This is actually the new building (see gallery photos) (back in 2019, but has now expanded), adjacent to Showa’s Woman University, located in Setagaya-ku, two stations away from Shibuya!

Cara’s Photo Gallery and Video

Watch Cara’s Getting to Japan
– A video diary from departure to arrival at her dorm room in Tokyo, Japan.

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