The lights in a row outside of the School of Nursing.

About Self Service Banner

Log into NEST using your University NetID and password

Navigate to the Faculty Resources portlet and select the Self-Service Banner link.

Screenshot of the NEST Faculty Resources portlet.

Click on “Faculty Services” menu link on the Self-Service Banner menu and select the Class Schedule block to search for sections.

Screenshot of the Faculty/Advisors Services menu in Self-Service Banner.

Select the term for the class schedule desired.

Screenshot of the Term Select menu item.

Select any combination of the criteria and select Class Search.

Screenshot of the class search in Self-Service Banner.

Sections will appear with day, time and instructor information as well as the Course record number (CRN) for the course. CRN replaces “Call Number” on SIS.

Screenshot of a Section Search in Self-Service Banner.

If you wish to see the catalog detail behind each section, click on “View catalog entry”. This will provide information about any pre-requisites, co-requisites or registration restrictions. To log into your specific class information, return to the menu under “Faculty Services” click on Faculty Detail Schedule.

This will provide detailed information about your classes, including location and enrollments.

Screenshot of a class list with details about a class in SSB.

A list of all students registered will appear, along with an email icon after each name so that you can email that student. This icon also appears at the bottom of the roster so you can email the entire class.

Screenshot of a student roster in NEST SSB.

To get a class list with summary information, click on “Summary Class list” to see this format.

Screenshot of the summary class list in SSB.