The lights in a row outside of the School of Nursing.

Reporting Approval

1.Go to

2. Choose Service Catalog under Self Service

Screenshot of the SNOW system.

3. Choose Request for Access

Screenshot of the SNOW system.

4. Choose either “New User” or “Modify Existing user”

Screenshot of the SNOW system.

5.Choose “Business Application” or Reporting”

Screenshot of the SNOW system.

6.Click on the magnifying glass and choose the desired business application from the list”

Screenshot of the SNOW system.


When Requesting Banner Application Access
You will need to select the environment from the drop-down. ONLY Production and Test environments are currently available for Banner applications. Select the instance from the drop-down. The instance name will begin with the functional area you are requesting access to for either Prod or Test

When Requesting Banner Reporting Access
You must choose the Cognos Tool in the Tools drop-down.

7. Provide Purpose/Justification for the request and your supervisor name and if they have approved your access.

8. List the Banner Roles/ Groups in the box List the Roles, Objects, Packages or Functional Areas”

9. Click Submit.

Screenshot of the SNOW system.


  • Once the Business Owner approves the request, it goes to the Information Technology Division group for approval.
  • Upon Information Technology Division group approval, tasks are generated for the Information Technology Division to create the access.
  • When all the tasks are complete, the request is marked as complete and an email notification is sent to the requestor and all the members of the approval groups.
  • If the request is not approved by any one of the approval levels then an email will be generated to the requestor and the request ticket closed. The requestor will need to open a new request ticket with more detailed information supporting their request and indicating supervisor approval.

Banner Business Applications Available

The following Banner Business Applications are available for you to choose from:

Banner Admissions: Access is authorized by Admissions Directors, Jeff Gant, Mike Stuhlmiller, Amy Aiello or Sony Rodriguez.

This includes:

  • Undergraduate admitted and accepted student application information
  • Graduate School admitted and accepted student application information
  • High School and college transfer transcripts for applicants
  • Other documents required for the application process for viewing

Banner Financial Aid: Access is authorized by the Financial Aid Director, Jim Anderson or Assistant Director, Joanna Cellary.

Financial aid information includes:

  • Student financial aid budgets
  • Pending and awarded institutional and federal aid
  • Student loans information
  • Documents tracking required by students for aid eligibility
  • FAFSA information
  • Financial aid academic progress
  • Financial aid enrollment information

Banner Student Accounts: Access is authorized by the Director, Marion Caggiano. This includes:

  • Student detailed billing information
  • Billing statements
  • Pending financial aid disbursements
  • Deposits information
  • Student holds

Banner Registration: Access is authorized by the Registrar, Leslie Sutton-Smith.

Student Academic record includes:

  • Admissions application, letter of admission, transcripts from previous schools, transfer credit evaluation (Degreeworks)
  • All record of courses taken at Montclair State University registration information and all grading including grade changes, as well as related comments
  • Registration history
  • Student GPA, academic standing, majors, program, concentration, minors
  • Comments related to student’s academic attendance and standing
  • Student transcript
  • Class rosters, enrollments
  • Graduation application and degree information
  • Latin honors and dean’s list information
  • For the purposes of student record review as permitted per FERPA, all comments and notes posted by advisors and faculty
  • Student attribute and cohort information, essentially all information about a student that is connected to their record.
  • Student Addresses, emails, phone numbers

Banner Cognos Reporting

  • Registrar–Restricted Reports
  • Registrar –University Reports