Tuition and Fee Appeal

Policy Statement

After classes have begun, a student may experience an extenuating circumstance beyond his or her control that prohibits the student’s continued attendance at Montclair State University.

In such a case, the student may be eligible to receive a full tuition adjustment by filing a Tuition Appeal within six months from the last date of the semester.

Montclair State University will review a request for tuition and fee appeals provided the student meets the requirements of the University’s policy on Tuition and Fees Appeals and submits supporting documentation on official letterhead. Appeals that are incomplete or do not have substantial information for a legitimate appeal will be denied. Appeals must be submitted no later than six months from last date of the semester.

Submitting an Appeal

Students must officially withdraw from courses before their appeal will be considered.

Appeal documents are accepted in person at:

Mail To:

  • Office of Student Accounts
    Red Hawk Central
    Montclair, New Jersey 07043

Fax: 973-655-4421


Appeal Process

All appeals are referred to the Tuition and Fees Appeal Committee. This committee is comprised of representatives from the Offices of: Student Accounts, Dean’s Office, Financial Aid, Registrar and other departments, as we deem appropriate per your appeal. Appeals are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Depending upon the complexity of the appeal and receipt of all supporting documentation, the processing time may vary from six to eight weeks. This time cannot be expedited. Please be mindful of this if you are interested in
registering for future terms or in need of a transcript.

  • Appeals are approved when a majority of the committee decides in favor of the request.
  • Committee decisions are final.

Financial Aid

An approved Tuition Adjustment Appeal may affect your financial aid for the semester in which your appeal is approved. You may wish to contact the Financial Aid Office to understand the ramifications of a successful appeal prior to completing and submitting the Tuition/Fee Appeal Statement and the Tuition Adjustment Appeal Request Form.


Review the acceptable and unacceptable list of reasons to request an adjustment. Consider why an exception to the published policy is justified for your situation. Montclair State University has published policies on fees, charges, and refunds. This information is available from the Office of Student Accounts website. Requests that do not comply with the policy are not considered.

Tuition/Fee Adjustment Appeals may be considered for the following extenuating circumstances when the appropriate supporting documentation is provided:
  • Medical Withdrawal based on physical illness of the student (including hospitalization)–documented by a physician’s statement or other medical support on official letterhead, and including date of onset. (Submit all documents to the Dean of Students NOT the Office of Student Accounts)
  • Physical or mental illness of the student’s immediate family member (including hospitalization) who is dependent upon the student for support–documented by physician’s statement or other medical support on official letterhead, including date of onset.
  • Death of a student’s immediate family member. “Immediate family” is defined as parents, spouse, children, brother or sister, (either blood or by marriage) with a certified copy of death certificate.
  • Mandatory and unforeseen job transfers outside of Montclair State University locales -documented by employer on official letterhead.
  • Involuntary changes in employment schedule documented by employer on official letterhead.
  • Loss of employment does not apply
  • Late notification of denial to a specific degree program–with supporting documents on official letterhead.

Tuition/Fee Adjustment Appeals will NOT be approved in the following instances:
  • Personal errors in judgment or irresponsibility involving transportation, availability of finances, academic ability, time management.
  • Misinterpretation or lack of knowledge of University policies and/or procedures.
  • Dissatisfaction with instructor, course content, or delivery of instruction.
  • Dissatisfaction with academic progress in course.
  • Appeals of non-refundable/mandatory fees.
  • Non-attendance or minimal attendance of class.
  • Inadequate investigation of course requirements prior to registration and attendance.
  • Non-qualification, late application, or loss of eligibility for financial aid or scholarships.
  • Requests to defer tuition payment to next semester charges.
  • Non-receipt of mail due to obsolete/incorrect address on file with the Office of the University Registrar.
  • Failures to activate or maintain your official Montclair e-mail account.
  • Student errors resulting in the delay of administrative processes relative to registration or the delivery of financial aid funds.
  • Voluntary acceptance of employment or other activity impacting ability to attend classes.
  • Loss of employment

Tuition and Fee Appeal Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Office of Student Accounts.‌‌