The Graduate School

Separately Budgeted Research

FY2020 Awards List

Faculty Department Project
Cortni Borgerson Anthropology Traditional Insect Farmings Potential to Improve Child Health, Food Security, and the Viability of Endangered Species in a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Jaclyn Catalano Chemistry and Biochemistry Identification of Key Residues that Influence Cytochrome P450 Catalysis Under Oxidative Stress
Bong Jae Chung Mathematical Sciences Enhancing the Reliability and Robustness of Hemodynamic Risk Assessment in Intracranial Aneurysms through Computational Analysis
Tarika Daftary-Kapur and Tina Zottoli Justice Studies/Psychology Process Evaluation of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Juvenile “Lifers” Resentencing Project
Dawn Marie Hayes History Rosalia of Palermo: An Enigmatic Norman Saint and her Reconstruction in Seventeenth-Century Sicily
Patricia Matthew English “And freedom to the slave”: Sugar, Gender, and the History of the Novel
Sandra Passchier Earth and Environmental Studies X-ray fluorescence of sediment cores from Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
Gregory Pope Earth and Environmental Studies “Forest Fires in the Soil Critical Zone”
Joshua Sandry Psychology Accelerated Forgetting Due to Rapid Time-Based Decay in Multiple Sclerosis

FY2019 Awards List

Faculty Department Project
Deepak Bal Mathematical Sciences Ramsey Theory and Probability Theory
Evan Matthews and Amir Golnabi Exercise Science and Physical Education Open-Source Software Development for Quantitative Analysis of Cardiovascular Ultrasound Images
Kathleen Kelley Theater and Dance Digital Animal: a dance film
Alan Pehrson Psychology The effects of hypothyroidism on mood, cognitive function, and glutamate neurotransmission in mice
Peter Popolo Communication Sciences and Disorders Relating Laryngeal Image Data to Acoustic Parameters of Voice
Michele Rigolizzo Management The concrete learning behaviors of working adults
Mitchell Sitnick Biology Determining the impact of coconut oil on lipid metabolism and skeletal muscle mass regulation

FY2018 Awards List

Faculty Department Project
Lauren Dinour Nutrition and Food Studies The role of food insecurity on breastfeeding behaviors: Findings from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System
Jinshan Gao Chemistry and Biochemistry Application of Free Radical Reagent for Characterization of Sialylated Glycans, the Potential Biomarker for Early Cancer Detection
Kathy Gainor,
Michael Hannon, and Angela Sheely-Moore
Counseling and Educational
Understanding the Experiences of Anti-Bullying Specialists: Influences of the Past and the Present
Nina Goodey Chemistry and Biochemistry Investigating known antifolate compounds in elimination of the parasitic worm Wuchereria bancrofti
Hannah Helmy Public Health Assessing implementation and provision of family planning services for women incarcerated at Rikers Island Jail Complex
Stephen Ruszczyk Sociology Neighborhood Organizational Infrastructures in Dominican New York (NOI-DNY)
Justice Studies ReNew Program Evaluation: Newark, NJ
Rachel Scheperle Communication Sciences and Disorders Wideband Energy Reflectance in Cochlear Implant Recipients