The Graduate School

Student Faculty Research

FY2023 Awards List

Faculty Department Project
Lauren Covey Linguistics Real-time language comprehension in second language learners of Spanish
Lauren Dinour Nutrition and Food Studies Seeing is Believing: Representation of Breastfeeding in Commercial Stock Photos
Laura Lakusta Psychology Children’s Explanation of Events: Inconsistencies in Adhesion Configurations
Abby Lillethun Art and Design Discerning Javanese Design Elements in Western Fashions from the Influence of the Serempies
Jennifer Urban and Miriam Linver Family Science and Human Development Conducting Youth Interviews for the Youth Ready Evoke Project

FY2022 Awards List

Faculty Department Project
Cortni Borgerson Anthropology Gender equality and natural resource use in Madagascar
Jaclyn Catalano Chemistry and Biochemistry Mechanism of Oxygen Activation in Cytochrome P450
Ashley Ermer Family Science and Human Development Engaging Older Adults with Technology: A Community-Based Approach
Jessica Henry Justice Studies Examining Accountability and Absolutely Immunity for Prosecutors
Jonathan Howell Linguistics Prosodic Annotation of a Corpus of African-American English and Latinx English Speech
Erin Kang Psychology Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Inflexibility in Children with ASD and its Relations to Clinical Presentation
Il Hyung Lee Chemistry and Biochemistry Protein organization on the lipid membranes affected by molecular crowding effect
Aihua Li Mathematics Solutions to Certain Diophantine Equations

FY2020 Awards List

Faculty Department Project
Livia Alexander Art and Design Artsite: World
Cortni Borgerson Anthropology Traditional Insect Farming in Madagascar
Ying Cui Earth and Environmental Studies Marine carbon isotope records from Eastern Tethys during Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Glen O’Neil Chemistry and Biochemistry Monolithic 3D-Printed Electrolyzers Incorporating Earth Abundant Electrocatalysts

FY2019 Awards List

Faculty Department Project
Matthew Aardema Biology An evaluation of evolutionary patterns in the Tyrosine detoxification pathway of blood-feeding arthropods
Jaclyn Catalano Chemistry and Biochemistry Understanding the Chemistry of a Unique Cytochrome P450, CYP2S1
Colette Feehan Biology Promoting the health and resiliency of Florida’s coral reef ecosystem: Enhancing herbivory by restoring long-spined urchin (Diadema antillarum) habitat
Sally Grapin Psychology Diversifying School Psychology: Perspectives of Graduate Students from Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Minority Backgrounds
Rodica Martin Physics and Astronomy Faraday rotation in YIG and doped derivatives for applications to optical isolators in future gravitational-wave detectors
Mitchell Sitnick Biology Developing a cheaper, in-house ELISA for measuring thyroid and other relevant hormones

FY2018 Awards List

Faculty Department Project
Bradley  Forenza McCormick Center for Child Advocacy and Policy Positive Youth Development and Empowerment among New Jersey Community Development Corporation (NJCDC) Constituents
Milton Fuentes Psychology Validation of the NIS Skin Color Scale
Jessica Henry Justice Studies Justice Upside Down: Exploring No-Crime Wrongful Convictions
Miriam Linver Family and Child Studies Reporting Results of the Inspiring Youth Purpose Poster Program
Jorge Lorenzo Trueba Earth and Environmental Studies Numerical modeling of fluvial deltas
Jennifer Brown Urban Family and Child Studies Social Networks in Character Education: Implications for Positive Social Contagion