Payment Information

General Information

Student Bills

Montclair State University does not mail paper bills or statements. All invoices are posted and available for viewing on the Student Account Summary via NEST (Network Engagement and Student/Staff Transactions) the University’s student portal. Students are highly encouraged to familiarize themselves with NEST and must review their account regularly throughout the semester as charges may occur after payment is made due to changes to his/her schedule.

Statements will be posted on NEST by the end of July for the fall semester, by mid-November for the spring and winter semester and by the beginning of April for the summer sessions. These statements will be updated at the end of each business day to reflect any adjustment to your tuition and fee charges as a result of changes you may make to your schedule. You should check your NESTAccount Summary and MSU e-mail regularly to stay current on all information.  If someone other than yourself will be making payment, please inform that person of the balance due to Montclair State and the payment due date. 

Your Montclair State E-mail is the MAIN form of communication. All information will be sent to your Montclair State email address. Failure to check your Montclair State email, errors in forwarding e-mail, and returned email (from an "over quota" mail box or "unknown user" or other error message) will not excuse a student from missing announcements or deadlines.