Admission Requirements

The information below represents what we are seeking in a Teacher Education candidate and does not represent the list of items required for the application. All candidates must meet application and admission requirements as defined by The Graduate School.

In selecting students for the Graduate Teacher Education programs, Montclair State University uses criteria which are related to the knowledge, skills and dispositions we expect graduates of our program to possess. In making decisions on acceptance to the program, faculty consider such criteria as GPA, knowledge of content area of study, commitment to teaching and its varied responsibilities, and communication abilities, both written and oral. These criteria enable faculty to assess the likelihood that candidates will achieve the goals inherent in the “Portrait of a Teacher“.

Candidates for admission to the Dual Certification MAT program must file an application with the Graduate School and include all supporting materials. A minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 overall and qualifying scores on the Praxis I: Core Academic Skills Test (or equivalent exemption) are required for admission. In addition, two letters of recommendation from professional references must be submitted, along with transcripts from all colleges attended. It is also expected that students will demonstrate proficiency in the use of the English language.

As part of the application review process, a candidate’s academic background in the content area will be assessed by faculty from the academic department. Further undergraduate coursework in that content area may be required, which would be in addition to Dual Certification MAT degree requirements. If required, these undergraduate courses may be taken concurrently with the graduate education courses and must be completed prior to student teaching. As a general rule, Dual Cert MAT candidates who are determined to have strong academic backgrounds in the content area they wish to teach may have little or no additional undergraduate coursework to complete. (An example would be a candidate who possesses a degree in mathematics who wishes to teach mathematics.)

After submitting the application, candidates will be notified by the Graduate School regarding next steps in the application process. This may include interviews with content area and/or pedagogical department faculty and/or an admissions committee, writing samples, portfolio review and/or audition (for art and music candidates).

Students who are accepted to the Dual Certification MAT program will be assigned to content area and pedagogical advisors whom students should consult with each semester. Since each student’s content area background differs, students should not take courses without advisement.

General questions about the Dual Certification MAT program for secondary Content Area and Teacher of Students with Disabilities certification should be directed to our Graduate Program Administrator Samita Mezger,