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Whether you’re looking to begin an application, have questions about transferring to Montclair State or trying to check your application status, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is pleased to help you in any way we can.

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The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is happy to serve you – in person or by phone – Monday through Friday.

Please feel free to contact us directly at 973-655-4444.

Admissions Staff

Jeff Indiveri-Gant
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Phone: 973-655-5116

Gregory Nasser
Program Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Phone: 973-655-5116

Jordanna Maziarz
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions for Recruitment and Community Engagement
Phone: 973-655-3533

Mary Murphy
Manager of Pre-Enrollment Services
Phone: 973-655-7063

Julianne Vitale
Senior Assistant Director for Operations & Transfer Services
Phone: 973-655-4178

Erin Samples
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Transfer Review and Recruitment
Phone: 973-655-4331

Sony Rodriguez
Assistant Director of Data Management and Technology
Phone: 973-655-7062

Neris Fleming
Coordinator for Specialized Engagement Programs
Phone: 973-655-4219

Lindsay McNamara
Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Phone: 973-655-4253

Maria Zaino
Admissions Counselor
Special Population: Transfer applicants and re-admit applicants
Phone: 973-655-7060

Micale Dort
Admissions Counselor
Special Population: EOF applicants. Recruitment territory: New Jersey counties – Hudson, Essex, and Passaic. Southwestern states – Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, and Oklahoma.
Phone: 973-655-3639

Ian Carter
Admissions Recruiter
Special Population: Student athlete applicants. Recruitment Territory: New Jersey counties – Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean, and Salem. Western states – Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington.
Phone: 973-655-2067

Jeffrey Bendett
Admissions Recruiter
Special Populations: Veteran and Military applicants and Home-schooled applicants. Recruitment Territory: New Jersey counties – Hunterdon, Mercer, and Warren. Other states – Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
Phone: 973-655-3608

Stephanie Rojas
Admissions Recruiter
Special Populations: Art & Design applicants and International applicants. Recruitment Territory: New Jersey counties – Middlesex, Morris, Monmouth, and Somerset. Southern states – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
Phone: 973-655-4182

Vanessa Devericks
Admissions Recruiter
Special Populations: Adult Learner (CAL and OLA) applicants; Alumni Recruitment Team. Recruitment Territory: New Jersey Counties – Bergen and Sussex. New England states – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
Phone: 973-655-7362

Zachary Brower
Admissions Recruiter
Recruitment territory: New Jersey county – Union; New York – all counties. Midwestern states – Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska.
Phone: 973-655-7703

Beverly Apelian
Phone: 973-655-7801

Yolanda Benjamin
Processing Secretary
Phone: 973-655-7092

Maria Rizzitello
Transcript Assistant
Phone: 973-655-6920

Jodi Cotugno
Pre-Enrollment Transfer Specialist
Phone: 973-655-5118

Lisa Williams
Pre-Enrollment Specialist for Students (A-D)
Phone: 973-655-7149

Miriam Nieves-Rothstein
Secretary for Students (E-K)
Phone: 973-655-7064

Larissa Lamont
Pre-Enrollment Specialist for Students (L-Q)
Phone: 973-655-7061

Anne Marie Lopez
Pre-Enrollment Specialist for Students (R-Z)
Phone: 973-655-7724

Fred Stolarski
Visit Experience Coordinator
Phone: 973-655-6919
Tours: 973-655-5322