Photo of students placing orders at California Tortilla in the student center dining hall


Montclair State’s dining services are committed to providing our students with a wide array of options that are both delicious and nutritious.

Healthy foods for growing intellects

Chartwells, Montclair State’s dining services provider, focuses on providing excellent nutrition through quality ingredients – specializing in locally sourced, in-season foods. These quality ingredients are prepared to order so that students have the freshest dining experience possible.

Our menus are prepared by a registered dietician who also provides food pairing and dietary advice through the dining services website. This guidance is paired with clear, up-front nutrition information for each item on the menu so that students can make a wise, well-informed choice.

Student-centered dining

Our You First program actively solicits feedback from students so that we can continually improve their dining experiences. Chartwells’ registered dietician is available to answer questions from students, and students can even submit recipe suggestions for future menu items.

Since our kitchens prepare meals to order we’re able to accommodate special dietary needs. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available at most dining locations and can be specially prepared by our chefs. We can tailor menu items to avoid potential allergens, and students with severe food allergies and their parents can meet with our Senior Executive Chef to plan a personally customized menu.

In order to ensure that they’re prepared in kitchens that meet stringent food preparation requirements, kosher and halal meals are available at select locations.

Serving up variety

Montclair State offers over 20 dining locations throughout campus and each one is unique.

Our main dining locations are buffet-style dining with multiple themed custom-order food preparation stations. These are the perfect locations when you want to sit down, meet up with some friends and dine at a leisurely pace.

Retail dining locations throughout campus offer packaged food, coffee and to-go meals for when you want to keep moving. By partnering with nationally recognized chains (like Chili’s, Au Bon Pain and Panda Express) we’re able to offer you more than the typical college cafeteria fare.

Flexible Meal Plans

Our commitment to variety doesn’t end with the menu – we offer a wide range of meal plans as well.

  • Unlimited Access Plans: Students on these plans have unlimited access to our buffet-style locations.
  • Block-based Plans: Students can buy a block of “swipes” to their ID card and then use those swipes to enter buffet-style locations or to purchase meals at certain retail locations.
  • Flex Dollars: Additional money can be placed on your ID card to supplement the Unlimited and Block-based plans above – perfect for students who like to switch it up between buffet-style and retail dining.
  • Red Hawk Dollars: Additional money that can be placed on your ID card that you can use for meals, in the bookstore or at select local businesses.

Plans can be mixed and matched with Flex and Red Hawk Dollars to create the meal plan that’s right for you.