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Residential 7-Credit Track

About the Residential 7-Credit Track

  • Residential Program Dates: June 30th to August 1st
  • In Person Orientation Day: June 30th
  • Move In Day: June 30th
  • Move Out Day: August 1st
  • Weekly Check-in/Checkout: Residents check in on Sundays and checkout on Thursdays (NO Classes Thursday, July 4th, Check Out Wednesday, July 3rd)
  • Weekends: Scholars are off campus Thursday night to Sunday early evening
  • Courses Start/End: July 1st and August 1st
  • Three Courses: Two (3 credit) general ed courses and one (1) credit New Student Seminar Course
  • Required Books: All required books are included in the discount rate
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included in the discounted rate
  • Academic Support: Scholars will engage with Peer Mentors, Tutors, and Academic Coaches
  • Evening Activities: Several activities will be offered, including access to the Recreation Center and other campus resources

Registration will open in April 2024. 

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Program Schedule

Download the Residential 7-Credit Track Program Schedule