A student standing in front of a sign at his internship.

Co-op Course and Grading Policies

Your Co-op Faculty Advisor

Because Cooperative Education is an experiential education course, it has both academic and workplace components. You will be assigned to a faculty member who will guide you as you work to integrate classroom theory with workplace practice. Your level of achievement during your internship will be measured by the new learning you demonstrate by your performance as an entry-level professional on the job.

With your Co-op faculty advisor, you will develop a document called a Learning Agreement. A Learning Agreement provides the vehicle for making the learning experience a mutual understanding between you, your Co-op faculty advisor, your Co-op/Internship Site Supervisor, and the University. Once you have signed the Learning Agreement, you are responsible for honoring your commitment.

All academic projects, identified in the Learning Agreement, must be completed in order for you to successfully complete your Co-op course. If you fail to complete them, your Co-op Faculty Advisor will submit a grade that reflects unsatisfactory work.

Once you are on the job, your Co-op Faculty Advisor may visit the work site to meet with you and with your Co-op/Internship Site Supervisor. Based on your Co-op/Internship Site Supervisor’s written and verbal assessments and on your academic projects, your Co-op Faculty Advisor will assign a letter grade at the end of your Co-op term, which will be included on your academic transcript.

Employer Midterm and Final Evaluations

Part of your grade may be based on assessments of your job performance provided by your Employment Supervisor. Your Supervisor will also be sent a Midterm and Final Evaluation to complete via Handshake. It is your responsibility to see that they are completed and submitted to your Co-op Faculty Advisor.


Your Co-op Faculty Advisor determines your grade based on:

  • How well you fulfill the terms of your Learning Agreement;
  • The quality of the projects you complete; and;
  • The feedback provided by your Co-op/Internship Site Supervisor about your work performance.

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades will be granted by faculty members in cases where a student has completed most of the work for a course and extraordinary circumstances preclude the student from finishing work by the end of a semester of summer session. Incomplete grades will be posted for a period of approximately six weeks after the submission of Final Grades: February 15th for a Fall course, June 30th for a Spring course and October 15th for a Summer course.

If work is not completed and a final grade is not posted within that time, the grade will revert to an F. Faculty members will no longer need to submit incomplete contracts, the grade sheet will suffice. Individual faculty members, schools and/or colleges may continue to use the incomplete contract, however, it will not be submitted to the Registrar’s office and the six week period will be the maximum permissible course completion time.

Withdrawal from Co-op Course

Drop/Withdrawal Policy

Courses dropped through the Final Add/Drop deadline will be removed from the records. Courses withdrawn after the Final Add/Drop deadline through the ninth week of the semester will be recorded as WDs.

Drop/Withdrawal Refund Schedule

100% Adjustment during the first week of the semester for full term courses and prior to the third class meeting for all short term courses and other courses that meet less than full term (courses dropped).

50% Adjustment during the first third of the semester for full term courses or its equivalent for short term courses and other courses that meet less than full term (courses recorded as WD).

No Adjustment after the first third through the tenth week of the semester for full term courses (courses recorded as WD). No refund after the first third until the midpoint for courses that meet less than full term (courses recorded as WD).  Additional information can be found online.

Exemptions: Exemptions may be made in extreme cases, i.e., sudden hospitalization, death in family, etc.  The Dean of Students will consider these exceptions only when “unforeseeable and uncontrollable circumstances prevail.”  Only students who have received a grade lower than C- in a class will be eligible for an exemption and students who receive these exemptions will always receive a WF.  No exemptions will be made after one calendar year after the posting of the final grade.

Problems, Adjustments and Changes During the Internship

The decision to enroll in Cooperative Education means a commitment to stay on the job until the end of the term. If a situation arises that may alter your ability to do so, or if the nature of your responsibilities changes significantly once you are on the job, follow these procedures.

Any routine questions about your internship and your internship responsibilities should be discussed with your Co-op/Internship Site Supervisor first. If there are serious problems, however; you must contact your Co-op Faculty Advisor and then contact your career services office. Remember, if there are any difficulties, you are responsible for immediately contacting your Co-op Faculty Advisor and Career Services.

If you wish to make a substantial change in your hours, or need a leave of absence, or if there are other significant schedule irregularities, talk to Career Services first. Such requests must be made through the Career Services office in your college/school.

If there are problems arising from personality conflicts, misunderstandings or other situations that you are unable to handle easily in a routine manner, contact your Co-op Faculty Advisor and the Career Services office in your college/school.

Some situations warrant and require an immediate call, including sexual harassment or any form of illegal discrimination. Call immediately if you are assigned to do a job that appears unsafe or hazardous to your health.

If your employer changes your work assignment from that which was specified when you were hired, contact your Co-op Faculty Advisor and Career Services. Remember, the University approved the position based on a particular job description. If a new job description is unacceptable, you may be withdrawn from the setting.

If You Are Fired

If you are fired from a co-op/internship position after registering for a Co-op course, your Co-op Faculty Advisor and Career Services office will discuss the decision with your Co-op/Internship Site Supervisor.  If they decide that no possible alternatives exist, your Co-op Faculty Advisor will follow one of the following paths:

  1. Issue a grade of “F”
  2. Arrange for you to withdraw from the course
  3. Issue a grade of “Incomplete”
  4. Each incidence will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and, if possible, an alternate co-op site may be used to fulfill remaining requirements.

If you are fired and receive an “Incomplete” you must find a new position that meets Co-op standards. The position must call for the same length of employment and qualify for the same number of credits as the prior position. Both the Career Services office in your college/school and your Co-op Faculty Advisor must approve the position before you are allowed to accept it. Your new employer must agree to assess your progress and to meet all other responsibilities of a co-op employer partner.

You will have to develop a new Learning Agreement and have it signed by your Co-op Faculty Advisor and your new Co-op/Internship Site Supervisor.