A student standing in front of a sign at his internship.

Start the Co-op Process

While the process may be different depending on how you find your co-op placement, the following steps provide a good starting point for those interested in the co-op program.

If You Are Still Searching For a Co-op/Internship

You must first draft a resume and upload it on Hire a Red Hawk for approval by Career Services.  Once approved, you can begin to search and apply for co-ops and internships in Hire a Red Hawk.

We also recommend requesting an appointment with your Career Services office to discuss how to go about finding a position and how to receive credit for it. You may need to set up a second appointment once you have found a co-op/internship in order to enroll in a co-op course.

Request a new appointment:

  1. Sign into your Hire a Red Hawk account.
  2. Click “Request a Counseling Appointment” on the right-hand side of your homepage.
  3. Choose your filters, including:
    • Counseling Type = Co-op/Internship
    • Date/Time
    • Counselor (only your assigned counselor will be shown)
    • Day(s) of the Week
  4. “Check Availability” and choose an appointment time that works for your schedule.
  5. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to confirm the details of your appointment, upload a document/resume and send additional notes to your counselor.
    • If you have already secured an internship and have submitted a new placement form, be sure to let your counselor know in the notes section!
  6. Click “Submit Request” if the appointment details are correct.
Self-Developed Co-ops/Internships

Sometimes students locate positions independently and ask to have them approved as a credit-bearing co-op/internship. This is possible. However, the position must be reviewed and approved by your Career Services Director to make sure it offers you opportunities for new learning. Please note that students may not use current full-time or part-time positions as co-op placements unless it can be demonstrated that responsibilities will increase.

In order to find out if your position is eligible to be a co-op experience, you must submit an Internship/Co-op Placement form on Hire a Red Hawk. You must receive approval from both your Career Services office and your Site Supervisor in order for you to receive enrollment information for a co-op course.

Consent and Ethical Conduct Agreements

Once you have determined that you meet the co-op eligibility requirements, you must review and sign the consent and ethical conduct agreements.
  1. Sign into your Hire a Red Hawk account.
  2. Under “My Account”, click on “Co-op & Internships.
  3. Check the box next to the semester(s) you plan to enroll in co-op.
  4. Thoroughly read the Consent and Ethical Conduct Agreements, click “I Agree” for each, initial the bottom and then “Submit Application”.‌
Once You Have Secured a Co-op/Internship

Once you have found a co-op/internship, you must complete a new placement form in your Hire a Red Hawk account. However, you first MUST complete the consent and ethical conduct agreements.
  1. Sign into your Hire a Red Hawk account.
  2. Under “My Account“, click on “Co-op & Internships.”
  3. Select “Add New” in the Co-op/Internship Placements tab.
  4. Fill out the details about your co-op/internship opportunity.
  5. Click “Submit” at the bottom and this will notify your Career Services Director and your employer.

After you have submitted your placement form, you may need to set up a second career counseling appointment to enroll in a co-op course. When scheduling your appointment in Hire a Red Hawk, you must notify your counselor in the notes section of the request form that you have already submitted a new placement form.

Co-op Registration and Enrollment

Once you accept an employment offer, submit your Hire a Red Hawk placement form, and receive approval from your Career Services Director, you must obtain a permit from your Career Services office and then register for the Co-op course prior to the last day to Add/Drop a course.

If you accept employment and wish to receive credit for the co-op/internship experience, you are required to enroll in a Co-op course. If you decide to not register for a Co-op course, you must notify your Career Services office immediately so that they can update your Hire a Red Hawk placement information as needed.

After You Register:

After your have enrolled into a Co-op course, you will meet with your Co-op Faculty Advisor to decide the terms of the learning agreement.