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Rebecca Madson Publishes Journal Article

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Rebecca Madson, Data and Academic Planning Manager in the CHSS Dean’s Office and current graduate student in the Family Science and Human Development (FSHD) PhD program, recently authored an article published in the journal Youth, an international, peer-reviewed journal on education sociology, economics, cultural studies and other social perspectives of youth and young adulthood. Chih-Yuan Lee, Associate Professor in Family Science and Human Development, and Paula B. Perrone, graduate student in the FSHD PhD program, are co-authors of the article.

The article examines associations between self-efficacy and individual adjustment directly and indirectly through perceived stress in college-attending emerging adults. Results from this study suggest that higher self-efficacy is related to better adjustment for college-attending emerging adults. This finding was especially salient for female and first-generation students in the current sample. Given the role that both self-efficacy and perceived stress play in the adjustment of college students, the current study lends more evidence to support the need of parents, K-12 educators, and higher education officials to help foster self-efficacy in youth and equip them to manage stress.

Read the full article and findings here