Women Entrepreneurship Week 2019

Jessica Gonzalez

CEO | InCharged

I’m an entrepreneur with a knack for bootstrapping. 10 years ago, I moved back into my parents’ home and started working three jobs so I could start my company, InCharged. While retaining 100% ownership, operating without debt, and using no external funding, we’ve operated with positive cash flow since day one.

It hasn’t been easy, but it was my dream to create opportunities for marketers to reach their audience in new and innovative ways.

From phone charging stations to photo booths to our new experiential vending machines VendX, our InCharged products are everything I think event tech should be: reliable, effective, and fun.

Just as importantly, InCharged treats our customers the way I think people should be treated: with honesty, integrity, and…you guessed it, fun. Companies are made up of real people, so we should act like it.

As a woman and a minority in the the business landscape, my perspective is at the very least different than the status quo has been. I see this as an opportunity to do business differently, to approach what’s become normal with freshness and innovation. #$%@ business as usual.

I truly believe all ships rise with the tide, and it’s nearly always better to discover opportunities to collaborate rather than compete. Homogeny is boring. The future is diverse and cooperative, and I want to help build it.