Women Entrepreneurship Week 2019

Jude Connally Zimmerman

Founder/Creator | Jude Connally

Jude Connally Zimmerman is founder and creator of Jude Connally, an American-made woman’s lifestyle collection known for its vibrant prints and effortless styles. Raised in up-state New York, Jude attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  After two decades of working with some of the most respected names in the fashion industry and raising a family, Jude launched her own brand. When Jude saw a void in the market for comfortable clothes that made her feel good in her daily life, she knew she had an opportunity to create something special. In 2010 Jude debuted her dress collection at her freestanding store in Westfield, NJ and began to wholesale the line while simultaneously launching www.judeconnally.com. Today, the Jude Connally brand can be found nationwide in over 350 specialty stores.

Jude believes, “Every woman has a unique inner spirit that makes her naturally attractive” and she has designed her dresses so that each woman who puts one on will feel her spirit shine. A Jude Connally dress quietly reminds you that you’re beautiful both inside and out, and nothing is more attractive than a woman who believes in her own beauty. A woman who feels good about herself and her style exudes a positive vibe that’s contagious.

Jude Connally is on a mission to spread those good feelings to all women, one dress at a time.