Women Entrepreneurship Week 2019

Abby Taylor

Co-founder | Playa Bowls

The head Playa Boss Babe behind the bowl — Abby is the cofounder and creative genius behind Playa Bowls, a 70+ store franchise that has an Instagram-cult following of loyal customers and makes acai bowls that contain one of the highest percentages of natural acai pulp in the country. After traveling to the world’s most exotic surf locations, an inspired Abby concocted her own acai bowl recipes that not only showcases the variety of beaches she visited, but also reflects the Jersey Shore town that raised her. Abby is passionate and dedicated to creating an innovative menu, a strong brand, and a large community as a result. From umbrella stand to million dollar franchise, Abby leads the Playa Bowls brand marketing, menu creations and social media strategy — more importantly, she is the fearless leader of her ‘Playa bros and babes’ and an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.