2023 Teaching and Learning Showcase: Recordings

2023 Teaching and Learning Showcase 

This page contains recordings and materials from select sessions from our 2023 Showcase on May 2. To access, you will need a Montclair NetID.

Information Literacy in the Classroom
Justin Savage
Bonnie Fong
Darren Sweeper, and
Drew Wallace
(Research and Reference Services, Harry A. Sprague Library)

Workshop: The Importance of Self-Care in the Classroom
Ashlee Martellacci (Social Work and Child Advocacy) and
Sibel Doko (Graduate student: Social Work and Child Advocacy)
Slides and Self-Care Bingo

Workshop: Fostering Antiracism in Humanities Classrooms
Ceelea Graham (Teaching and Learning),
Juan Andrès Ouviña (Ph.D. program, Family Science and Human Development department), and
Gustavo Vasquez Mendez

Student Engagement, Connection, and Faculty Reflection

Engaging Students and Fighting Isolation with Mythical Narratives
Deborah Chatr Aryamontri (Classics and General Humanities)

Cultivating Connection to Place in First-Year Writing
Melanie Curran (Writing Studies)

Humility in Pedagogical Reflection
Jeffrey Gonzalez (English)

Serious Art and ‘Play’-full, Critical Thought
Pamela Booker,
Christine Giancatarino, and
Shiladitya Sen(Writing Studies)

Community Engaged Teaching and Learning Across the Disciplines: Faculty and Student Perspectives

Center for Community Engagement
Lauren Dinour (Nutrition and Food Studies),
Jessica Brater (Department of Theatre & Dance),
Bailey Udin (student, (Department of Theatre & Dance),
Pascale Lafountain ( World Languages and Cultures),
Bianca Isabella Zarate Gonzales and
Sammi Gerbrick (students, World Languages and Cultures),
Christopher Kaczmarek (Art and Design), and
Matt Ciattarelli (student, Art and Design)

Workshop: More Testing, Lower Stakes: Why Your Students Will Thank You for Incorporating Retrieval Practice
Jonathan Howell (Linguistics),
Sheyla Feratoska, and
Lauren Covey (Linguistics)

Active Learning

Active learning exercises in science classes
Josh Galster (Earth & Environmental Studies)

Communication Training through Sociodrama
Julian Costa (Communication) and
Rene Menendez (Communication major)

Engaging students with PollEverywhere
Todd Federman (Economics)

Come Craft with Us! How Can We Intentionally Internationalize Education at an Institutional Level?

Global Research Task Force
Ethne Swartz,
Todd Kelshaw,
Arnaud Kurze, and
David Schwarzer


Choices and Voices:  Involving Students in Assessment Processes
Lynette Reitz (Social Work and Child Advocacy) 

Grading and Constructive Feedback
Geoffrey Miller (Art and Design)

Using Flip Video Assignments for Formative Assessment
Tina Huesing (Management)

Looking Beyond the Classroom

Lessons Learned after My Third Year of Teaching in the COIL Program
Jean Alvares (Classics and General Humanities)

Advising the Advisor:  Tips and Tricks for Advising Student Clubs
Milton Fuentes (Psychology),
Cristhian Bueso,
Princess Cortes, Nayeli Dume, Julie Fleming, Maritza Lazo, Leslie Simon, Heather Hernandez-Mozz, Kiara Padmore, Vanessa Rodriguez, Christian Smith, Michelle Truffin, and Cole Vitelli

Preparing Culturally Competent Professionals for Work with Immigrants and Refugees: An Example of an International Pen Pal Project with Ukraine
Olena Nesteruk (Family Science & Human Development) 

Thinking Outside the Box

Neurodiversity-Affirming Practices for Teaching
Drew Wallace (Research and Reference Services, Harry A. Sprague Library)

Idea Diversity in Higher Education:  Escaping the Echo Chamber
William Colucci (Information Management)

The Advantages and Pitfalls of Allowing the “Attend by Zoom” Option
Brian Goldfeder (Psychology)