Observation and Feedback Services

Confidential Feedback Services

We invite faculty members to take advantage of the Office for Faculty Excellence’s confidential feedback services. The OFE will not share any aspect of the feedback that is provided, including the fact of the request, notes or artifacts, with anyone but the requestor. The exception of this confidentiality is only as legally required. Faculty may, of course, discuss their OFE feedback services.

Depending on the interests of the instructor, feedback can take one of six forms: observation, observation with video, microteaching, module development, eLearning Feedback, or Student Small Group Analysis (SGA).


At a mutually convenient time, a member of the OFE team will observe your class and later review observation notes with you. We can focus on issues of concern to you or provide more general feedback, offering suggestions based on the Montclair Teaching Principles and our own experience as college instructors. 

Student Small Group Analysis (SGA)

In SGA, a OFE representative organizes students into small goups to discuss their learning in the course while the instructor is not present. Using the questions listed below, SGA provides instructors with early and extensive feedback from students, enabling insight that does not typically emerge from end-of-term student ratings and comments. SGA is most effective if the visit occurs between the fifth and ninth week of classes.  The OFE representative will summarize student feedback and provide it to the instructor in writing during a conference. 

  • What in-class activities have been most helpful to your learning?  For example, a lecture, group assignment, discussion, or other activity.
  • What homework or out-of-class activities have been most helpful to your learning?
  • What learning methods would you benefit from doing more of?  
  • What learning methods would you benefit from doing less of? 

Teaching Development

Instructors can arrange for a consultation with an OFE representative to strategize about any aspect of teaching.

Call Faculty Excellence at 973-65-LEARN (655-3276) or email faculty@montclair.edu to arrange for feedback service.


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