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This is a new resource that OFE has begun. Please share with OFE your editorships and availability to engage and support Montclair faculty researchers and writers.

Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines is an academic journal that serves as a forum for disseminating theoretical contributions, research-based studies, practitioner insights, conceptualizations, and multi-disciplinary discussion of issues related to critical thinking. It publishes articles, discussions, responses, notices, letters, and reviews from a wide range of academic disciplines. Contributions use varied epistemological and methodological lenses that focus on the theory and practice of critical thinking in multiple educational contexts. The
journal seeks to make available educational vehicles that support the development of critical thinking skills.

Editor: Jaime Grinberg

Note to faculty: “I would be glad to help and support colleagues in all disciplines interested in disseminating their work in this journal.”


Last updated 1.31.24