Teaching Development Programs

The Office for Faculty Excellence offers a variety of programs that respond to the community’s teaching and learning and scholarship needs. We encourage all Montclair community members to reach out to us at faculty@montclair.edu with any suggestions or requests for future programming.

Current Programs for Instructors

The OFE invites faculty members and departments to join the Multi-Section Course Design program to get support in building student-centered courses and achieving consistency in instructional content, teaching methodologies, and assessment strategies across sections



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Teaching Innovations Program

A year-long program that scaffolds faculty teams developing or redesigning a course.

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Gateway Course Redesign: Introductory Statistics

A grant-supported program for redesigning introductory statistics courses in the university curriculum with a focus on equity in student success rates.

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Fostering Intellectual Engagement through Active Learning

A year-long series of workshops with a related Community of Practice focused on invigorating teaching and students’ engagement through active learning. 

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Community of Practice on Belonging


A community of practice where faculty get an opportunity to work with peers across disciplines to develop pedagogical knowledge and practice on the issue of fostering belonging and increasing student success.

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Current Programs for Students

Academic Success Coaching

An academic support program for Montclair students. Professional staff and experienced Montclair adjunct faculty build strong individual relationships with students to coach students in the habits and behaviors that will enable them to reach their academic potential.

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Thank a Professor

The OFE is launching the Thank a Professor program, inviting students to show appreciation for those who have been supporting them in their education journey.




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Past Programs

Meaningful redesign conference (2022)

Multi-institutional conference on supporting student learning through engaging pedagogical practices. Follow link above for workshop videos and presentations.

Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning Fellowship

Two-year professional development program for faculty interested in attaining a deeper knowledge of the pedagogies and processes of community-engaged teaching, learning and research.

External Programs for Faculty Development

Empowering Online Teaching & Learning

A three-week online, asynchronous course intended to provide faculty with strategies and best practices for designing and teaching high-quality, learner-centered online and hybrid courses.

Elevate at the Rutgers Center for MSIs: The ELEVATE program supports the ongoing development of early-career MSI faculty.  ELEVATE brings together early-career faculty at MSIs to provide support, training, and an opportunity to create a close-knit network of peers. Three-day program help during early summer. Applications are typically due in early to mid-February. For questions or support, please contact the program or OFE.

ASPIRE Alliance Summit: The National Alliance for Inclusive & Diverse Stem Faculty. The NSF INCLUDES Aspire Alliance works towards increasing the diversity of STEM faculty across the nation. The Alliance engages a growing network of partners to support systemic change in the STEM higher education system. Every year ASPIRE offers a national conference opportunity.



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