Thank a Professor Program

Thank a Professor Today!

Fill out the Thank a Professor form and let your instructors at Montclair know you appreciate their contributions to your learning!


About the Program

Instructors often don’t get a chance to learn about the positive impacts their teaching has on the students. With this in mind, the OFE is launching the Thank a Professor program, inviting students to show appreciation for those who have been supporting them in their education journey. Thank someone today! It may only take a few minutes, but the impact is far greater than you may realize!

How It Works
  • Students fill out a short form online letting instructors know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated.
    • Students may choose to remain anonymous or include their names.
  • After a light screening process, these notes are printed on a certificate and sent to the instructor and their department chair.
  • Your message may be shared on social media or other promotional communications (anonymously) to encourage others to send their thanks to someone who has made a difference in their academic journey.
    • Students who do not wish to have their message shared publicly may opt out.
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Thank a Professor program work?

Thank a Professor is a program that presents certificates to faculty to acknowledge their hard work and effort that has impacted students directly and positively. The process begins with students completing a Google form with a short note of appreciation to instructors who have made a difference in their education. Students may choose to include their names or submit their messages anonymously. The Office for Faculty Excellence lightly screens all the submissions and sends a certificate with the student’s message to the faculty. In addition, department chairs and senior administrators are made aware of the faculty’s good work.

Do I have to have the professor this semester to thank them?

No, you can thank a professor you worked with previously who made a positive impact. We just ask for the year you were taught by them.

I have had more than one great professor. Can I submit multiple thank you notes?

Of course! You can submit as many as you would like.

Who will see my note?

At first, an OFE team member will screen your submission lightly to ensure it’s a message of gratitude. After that, your comments will be shared with the professor and their department chair. However, your name is only included if you give us permission to share it.

Why are you asking if my comment may be published?

We like to publicize positive impacts Montclair faculty make and the ways they support our students. However, you can opt out if you don’t want your note published. You can also ask us to keep your comment anonymous, or to only share it with the professor, but not with the general public.