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Instructor Essentials is an OFE collection of practical resources for veteran and new instructors, including important links, campus resources, planning checklists, adjunct faculty resources, teaching FAQs, and more.


Instructor Essentials

Since Dec 2022, we have been growing a robust collection of materials to support teaching in the age of generative AI. Our resources take a neutral stance on generative AI and address a broad range of impacts on teaching and learning, from hard-to-detect plagiarism to AI literacy development.

Practical Responses to Generative AI

Teaching Principles and Resources

Clear Course Design  is a collection of templates and guides that walks instructors through the course planning process, ensuring alignment with departmental and programmatic standards, and course levels.

Clear Course Design

Pedagogical strategies to help instructors focus attention on student learning: active and engaged learning, collaborative learning, community and belonging, and more.

Pedagogical Strategies

Strategies to incorporate diverse perspectives in course materials; employ inclusive teaching practices; cultivate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; mitigate implicit bias; and promote intercultural learning.


Inclusivity and Diversity

Ideas to design and deliver your course in ways that are accessible and support learning for all people.


Universal Design for Learning

Tools to gather information about your teaching to better understand your teaching, its effect on students and their learning. Observation guidelines, templates, and rubrics.

Teaching as Reflective Practice

References and guides to connect faculty to their disciplines’ resources on teaching and learning. *Invitation to contribute

Disciplinary Excellence

Montclair’s Teaching Principles, written by faculty for faculty, provide the backbone for OFE’s teaching resources that support instructors across disciplines, modalities, and levels of experience.

Montclair’s Teaching Principles

Resource Index: a list of all of OFE asynchronous teaching resources, ordered alphabetically and linked.



Resource Index

OFE Sample Course Materials

Canvas community offering a collection of sample syllabi, assignments, and other course materials from and for Montclair instructors

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OFE Event Archive

OFE Annual Teaching and Learning Showcase

Slides and video recordings from the 2023 Showcase. Montclair NetID required.



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