Running Effective Meetings

Running Effective Meetings

Meeting Management Resources

Resources on: setting an agenda, leading discussion, meeting strategies and types of meeting objectives, meeting preparation


How to design an agenda for an effective meeting

  • Harvard Business Review, Guidelines for creating a meeting agenda, including a sample template

How to Write a Meeting Agenda

  • Indeed, Includes a sample of a meeting agenda, and an alternative template

10 Tips to Keeping Virtual Meetings on Track

  • Same as above, but via LinkedIn and not HBR.

Videos and Podcasts

Your Meeting Needs an Agenda

  • Guides the process of generating an agenda, a sample as well.
  • How many meetings have you been in that had no agenda? You need to set expectations for the meetings that you’re leading.

The Power of You to Truly Make Meetings Work.

  • Includes discussions, podcasts, and interviews pertaining to meeting productivity, common pitfalls, and scientific backing of meetings, and advice on conducting them

Basic Meeting Agenda Template

  • This video walks through the process of organizing a basic meeting agenda

How to Save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings.

  • This video talks about how much time you waste when you blindly click yes to accept a meeting invitation.


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