Teaching Consultations

Group or Individual Feedback on the Craft of Teaching

OFE Faculty Developers

Catherine Keohane                    Courtney Glore Crimmins                         Kate Kelly

Faculty are typically alone with their work as teachers, working with students without other teaching professionals around them. It’s hard to see your own work while you’re busy performing it. The Office for Faculty Excellence provides different options for teaching consultations. OFE professionals can provide peer observation and formative feedback — a second set of eyes, and empathic listening. We may not be experts in your discipline, but as experienced college instructors, we know teaching and learning, and are very likely to be able to provide practical advice.

  • Group consultations. Faculty in a department or teaching a common course or sequence of courses often benefit from coming together to discuss and address challenges in teaching in the department. An OFE consultant will ask questions, investigate faculty issues, and offer strategies. Whether it’s simply one meeting or a series of meetings is up to the faculty. Schedule a group appointment online or reach out directly at faculty@montclair.edu.
  • One-on-One Appointments with Faculty Developers: Schedule a 1-1 appointment with a teaching consultant to receive advice on course pace, assignment or activity design, plans for absent students, engaging students in reading and discussion, etc. These sessions are typically held on Zoom.
  • Teaching Consultations: Through a teaching consultation that is conducted entirely outside of any evaluation process, faculty can gain an external perspective. These consultations can include various observation formats or small group analysis. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.


Updated 09.06.22