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The Office for Faculty Excellence (OFE), the ADP Center for Learning Technologies, and the Challenge Based Impact Lab (CBiL)are pleased to announce the 2024 Annual Faculty Showcase highlighting the work of Montclair faculty. The hybrid conference will be held on Wednesday, May 8 (the day after classes end).


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Instructor Essentials is an OFE collection of practical resources for veteran and new instructors, including important links, campus resources, planning checklists, adjunct faculty resources, teaching FAQs, and more.


Instructor Essentials


Interested in learning more about Generative AI and the impacts it might have on your classes? Would like to learn more about using AI as teachers’ helper or promoting your students’ digital literacy skills? Check out our robust collection of resources on Generative AI, or sign up for a workshop!


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Strong Student Campaign

All Red Hawks can be strong students. Academic Affairs, Student Development, and Campus Life have developed a campaign that makes explicit what it takes to become strong – it’s small, simple acts that, in total, lead to success.
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Learn about the results of the Fall 2023 Generative AI and Higher Education survey that was conducted at Montclair. Faculty and staff answered questions about their perceptions of the threats/opportunities that Gen AI presents, how it might change higher education, and how engaged they are with Gen AI.
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The OFE invites faculty members and departments to join the Multi-Section Course Design program to get support in building student-centered courses and achieving consistency in instructional content, teaching methodologies, and assessment strategies across sections




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The OFE is launching the Thank a Professor program, inviting students to show appreciation for those who have been supporting them in their education journey.




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This year, the OFE is leading a grant-funded gateway course redesign program for Introductory Statistics courses at Montclair. The project’s core objective is to improve student success rate in gateway courses, which commonly pose an obstacle for students on their path to a credential, as well as to ensure the consistency of students’ learning experiences across all sections of the same multi-section course.OFE Gateway Course Redesign for Statistics 

Research shows that a sense of belonging positively impacts students’ motivation, engagement, retention and overall well being. We invite instructors of all ranks and disciplines to join OFE’s Community of Practice on Belonging to work out strategies for fostering belonging in their courses.




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The OFE and Dr. Patricia Virella invite colleagues to join our Fostering Intellectual Engagement through Active Learning (FIEAL) series to develop and improve strategies for guiding students in active learning toward intellectual engagement. You are welcome to participate by attending workshops in the series, or by joining a Community of Practice in the fall or in the spring.



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