The Office for Faculty Excellence supports all faculty, part-time and full-time, in teaching & learning excellence, career advancement, and academic leadership through educational development programming, individual consultations, and a robust collection of teaching materials on our website.

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The Office for Faculty Excellence (OFE) promotes faculty excellence in teaching and learning, research, leadership, and university citizenship through sponsorship of events, programs, and services. OFE provides guidance on teaching for both new and seasoned instructors, and to teachers on every track. OFE integrates the University’s determination to support all students’ success through programs that bring data and evidence-based practice to faculty to support their advancement. 

OFE also serves as a clearinghouse and referral service to guide faculty to the many programs, offices, and informational sources that join OFE in supporting their excellence.

The Office for Faculty Excellence is greatly supported by the Advisory Board, chaired by Kathleen Kelley, and comprised of faculty experts accomplished in teaching from across the University.

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