HawkSYNC Online

Instruction is fully online with live, synchronous class sessions, following published schedule. Students are expected to attend all synchronous sessions via video conferencing technology.

  1. HAWKSYNC 100% – All weekly contact hours scheduled online.
  2. HawkSYNC 50%: – Half the weekly contact hours scheduled online.

Faculty Role & Experience

  • Deliver course material synchronously or in a sync / async mix, in accordance with published schedule.
  • No classroom scheduled.

Student Role & Experience:

  • Regular attendance online in live sessions is expected.
  • Complete assignments outside of class as scheduled.
  • Need access to strong WIFI and a computer with mic and camera for video-conferencing (e.g., Zoom) and out of class assignments.

Planning and Set-Up Considerations:

  • What are your expectations regarding video-conference attendance (required? With video? Or with chat attendance?)
  • What is the purpose and goal of the synchronous sessions? Consider a flipped classroom model wherein lecture materials are delivered prior to class time, and video-conference synchronous sessions are for engagement, motivation, and students’ speaking and questioning.

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Updated 07.21.22 SR