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Zoom Teaching Tips

Increase Zoom success with students

Inform students if you are using Zoom.  The following messaging may be helpful:

This course also requires the use of Zoom, which is a web and video conferencing tool.  Please be sure you have Zoom installed and are familiar with using the tool. See the University’s guide on Videoconferencing at Montclair for technical details and FAQs.

Tips for participating in a Zoom session:

  • join the meeting early and test speaker, microphone, and camera settings;
  • keep speakers away from microphones to avoid feedback;
  • use a headset with a microphone if possible; and
  • do not join a meeting from multiple devices.
  • For HAWKMix and HAWKLive sessions, use the “Spotlight Video” to highlight speakers and to direct attention of the audience.

Zoom Engagement: Whether we meet in person, on Zoom, or in other digital formats, students are in a professional community.  As professionals, students are expected to follow the University’s Zoom Etiquette.  The Zoom Etiquette guide is also available in Canvas Commons, enabling instructors to download the guide right into their course.

Interested in a Montclair virtual background?  Montclair has a collection that is available at the University Communications website.

Video recording


  • Posting video recordings where only the instructor is heard and seen is allowed, without limitations.
  • Posting video recordings where students are heard or seen is allowed, providing the recording is only shared with current students of the class that has been recorded.
  • For full legal guidelines, see Academic Policies: FERPA for Faculty and Staff (scroll to bottom).
  • Additional strategies:
    • Use the Canvas link to set up your Zoom sessions for class
    • Set recordings as recurring, with video recording as a setting; this functions to remind participants upon entering that the video is being recorded.
    • Remind students that class is being video-recorded.
    • Share video selectively.
    • Edit video-recordings.

Attendance in Zoom

  • Take attendance by reviewing the Zoom “squares.”
  • Take attendance by checking Reports in Zoom.  Go to, log in, then click Reports > Usage, then navigate to the participants’ column. The number there is a link that pops up a modal box with an accurate list of participants.

Zoom Guidance and Help for Students


Updated 07.21.22 SR