OFE Department Liaison Program

The Office of Faculty Excellence offers an OFE Liaison Program for departments. An OFE faculty developer, who is also a Montclair instructor, will serve as an OFE point-of-contact for teaching and learning, and for services provided by OFE relevant to all faculty in the department.

Departments can decide how to integrate the liaison into their work, but some ideas include:

  • The chair offers and promotes the liaison’s services to provide individual or department support through
    • 1-1 confidential consultations on any aspect of teaching
    • Syllabus and assignment review.
  • The department adds the liaison to a department listserv so the liaison can be aware of faculty concerns and provide occasional assistance about faculty resources and opportunities.
  • The liaison offers a brief presentation at a department meeting (occasionally) at invitation of the Chair.
  • In consultation with the chair, the liaison identifies workshops or resources specific to the department’s needs – for these workshops the liaison will draw on OFE’s staff and connections. For example:
    • Managing the teaching load
    • Active learning in your discipline
    • Fostering belonging
    • Cultivating “studenting” skills
    • Dealing with varying student interest and engagement
    • Strategies for mitigating plagiarism
  • The liaison or other OFE staff offers observations outside the official evaluation process for faculty interested in getting confidential feedback on their teaching.

Interested? Contact Emily Isaacs or Catherine Keohane.