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Creating DIY Multimedia to Enhance Learning (DIYM)

Creating DIY Multimedia to Enhance Learning is a 4-week online, asynchronous course that provides faculty with the training needed to produce quality academic media content from the comfort of your home or office. Producing effective, engaging, and high quality multimedia content for your courses does not have to be done in a professional studio! First launched in Spring 2022, the cohort experience allows for a rich exchange of ideas and practices between faculty peers across the university. 

Registration is currently closed, please check back for future openings!

Course Delivery

This course is conducted in Canvas and includes the following topics:

  • Week 1: Pre-Production – Storyboarding & Setting Up Your Recording Environment
  • Week 2: Production & Recording, Part 1 – Software
  • Week 3: Production & Recording, Part 2 – On-Screen Presence
  • Week 4: Post-Production – Editing & Making Your Content Accessible

The course is facilitated by our Instructional Designers and Multimedia Specialists. There are no required synchronous meetings in this course, however, meeting options may be offered for participants seeking additional support or training on course-related content, such as navigating and using video editing software. This course is intended to equip you with the necessary skills to plan, record, and edit multimedia content (course introductions, video lectures, etc.) for courses you may already teach or intend to teach. It is designed to accommodate and support participants at all levels of technical proficiency. If you are seeking a foundational introduction to best practices for online teaching, consider completing the Empowering Online Teaching and Learning course first.

A camera and microphone are required to fully participate in and successfully complete this course. We will assess your recording hardware in Week 1 and help you determine which device you own (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) produces the highest quality recording. Completion of the Introduction to Canvas workshop (or equivalent training) is recommended prior to taking this course.

Faculty shared the following comments via course evaluations:

The design of the course moved me in stages from pre-production to post-production, mirroring the detailed work that these videos need. The instructors’ support through each stage was vital. Both instructors were excellent and they took time to help me give me personal feedback that ensured this class was a success.


The accountability of learning these skills in a structured, facilitated course environment was very helpful, as was the detailed assignment feedback, opportunity to ask the instructors questions via Zoom, and how the cohort community collectively worked towards a specific learning goal.