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EOTL101: Empowering Online/Hybrid Teaching & Learning

Starting in the fall 2012 with our inaugural cohort, ITDS has proudly offered 47 cohorts up to this spring. A total 664 faculty members from various colleges and departments have successfully earned certificates. Over 86% of faculty participants surveyed have rated their overall satisfaction with the program as excellent or good.


“Empowering Online Teaching and Learning: Foundations for Success” (EOTL101) is a 3-week online course designed to enhance online teaching competencies. Week one focuses on creating an inclusive online learning environment, emphasizing students and their learning needs. The second week covers the characteristics of effective online instructors, including engagement strategies, instructor persona development, and more. In the third week, participants will explore methods of assessing online student learning. This course provides a critical foundation for first-time online instructors, or for instructors hoping to tune up their online teaching practice. Join us in this exciting journey to elevate your online teaching expertise. Registration will open soon for the summer cohorts.

Course Schedule Summer 2024: 

  • Cohort 1: June 17 – July 8th 
  • Cohort 2: July 22 – August 11
Registration now open

Course Delivery

EOTL101: Foundations for Success is structured to offer faculty participants the flexibility to complete learning activities over a three-week period with the guidance and feedback of our instructional designers. This course provides an opportunity for participants to discuss challenges, pose questions, and explore a variety of strategies to teach online/hybrid across various disciplines. It also serves as a platform for faculty to share their exemplary online teaching practices and innovative strategies. This is a great opportunity for professional growth and networking in faculty development.

This asynchronous, online course is conducted through Canvas. Completion of an Introduction to Canvas workshop (or equivalent training) is highly recommended prior to the start of the program. This fully online faculty development program will focus on pedagogical principles applicable to Canvas without providing explicit training on how to use Canvas.

Faculty shared the following comments on the program through the course evaluations:

“The course was very well-organized and followed its own guidelines, serving as a great model for designing one’s own course. The instructors were very helpful in guiding the course.”

“I really enjoyed being able to frame what online teaching is about. From techniques, to terminology, to perspectives it highly enriched my understanding of this delivery mode.”

“I love learning new things, and being a complete novice to online learning/teaching, the course gave me a great understanding of what a successful online course needs to look like.”

The course evaluation asked participants if this program should be mandatory for faculty who are teaching online for the first time. Approximately 85% faculty surveyed Strongly Agree and Agree. One faculty participant shared:

“Even if someone comes to MSU with experience, I believe every instructor should participate in this course before teaching an online class. In addition, students should participate in the online readiness assessment before registering for an online course.”