Student Engagement Tools and Techniques

Student Engagement Tools and Techniques (SETT) is a 3-week online, asynchronous course that aims to provide faculty with a conceptual framework of student engagement as well as strategies and tools that they can implement in their own teaching practices. Participants will learn how to increase student motivation, implement active learning techniques, and use tools that foster collaboration in online, hybrid and in person teaching environments.

Registration is now open for the following term:

Fall 2022 – October 31st – November 20th

Course Delivery

This asynchronous, online course is conducted through Canvas and includes the following topics:

  • Week 1: A Framework for Student Engagement and Building Community
  • Week 2: Promoting Active Learning
  • Week 3: Striving to Increase Motivation

The SETT course is facilitated by our Instructional Designers and will involve roughly 2-3 hours of learning activities each week. There are no required synchronous meetings in the course, however, meeting options may be offered for participants seeking additional support or guidance from the course facilitators. ITDS also offers workshops focused on how to use specific instructional technologies which serve to compliment this course.  If you are seeking a foundational introduction to best practices for online teaching, consider completing the Empowering Online Teaching and Learning course first.

As part of the course, faculty participants will have a chance to bring in a question or scenario from their own teaching practice in which they’d like to see an increase in student engagement and workshop a solution using a number of possible strategies, techniques, and educational technologies. Faculty participants will also be able to network with peers and hear of their own successes with student engagement in their disciplines, creating a community of interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation.