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Panopto Content Retention Policy

Panopto, Montclair’s video management system for instructional videos, will now have an automatic content retention policy. This content retention policy includes a mechanism that will automatically identify and archive or delete videos based on certain defined criteria.

Why will this change be implemented?

Due to a change in Panopto’s pricing structure, Montclair must be more cognizant of what videos remain hosted. With over 90,000 instructional videos uploaded to Panopto, it is important to assess the need for videos that have never been viewed or have not been viewed in several years since these videos will significantly impact the storage allotted by our Panopto license.

When will this change occur?

Content retention policies will be enabled on May 31, 2024, which is when the first batch of videos will be archived and/or deleted.

The content retention policy will run on a monthly schedule thereafter.

What’s Effected?

Video Types Affected

Two types of videos will be affected:

  1. Panopto Videos: Videos uploaded natively to Panopto through the Panopto Recorder or the web interface
  2. Zoom Videos: Videos automatically uploaded to Panopto from the Zoom LTI for Canvas

These videos will be affected as follows:

Archive Deletion
Panopto: Videos Created with Panopto or Uploaded Directly to Panopto Videos not viewed for 18 months will be archived. NA – Subject to be changed at a later time
Zoom: Videos imported automatically from Zoom via Canvas integration NA Videos that are older than 6 months will be deleted.

What’s the Difference Between Archived and Deleted Videos?

Archived videos appear to users in the Panopto interface the same as any other video. The change to the end user (faculty, staff, or student) is invisible. Archived videos take up much less space than regular videos and cost significantly less to store. To unarchive a video, simply click to access it. There may be a short delay, but the video will be automatically restored and viewable.

Deleted videos will be retrievable for 30 days after deletion. After this time period, videos are permanently deleted.

Why Delete Zoom Videos Uploaded via the Panopto/Canvas Integration?

Zoom videos hosted as Zoom Cloud Recordings are currently hosted for 90 days. By uploading Zoom recordings automatically to Panopto via the Canvas integration, this timespan is extended to 6 months. Per our data analysis, after 6 months, >99% of these videos are not viewed via Panopto. Faculty who wish to keep Zoom videos uploaded via the Panopto/Canvas Integration older than 6 months may download them.

For Zoom Cloud Recordings (i.e., recordings hosted natively on Zoom, not through Panopto), please review Information Technology’s policy on  Zoom Cloud Recordings Deletion.

What Action do I Need to Take?

None. This process will be automatic and recurring.

How do I Backup/Download my Panopto Media?

Panopto provides documentation for Downloading Video or Audio Streams as MP4s.

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to