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Art of Sustainable Science

The Mathematical Sciences Department contributes to the ongoing earth day events on campus with a hand crank and a bicycle generator!

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A hand crank power generator has been installed on the second floor of Richardson Hall. The generator is attached to a battery pack which will/can be eventually used to power up computers and other appliances used by students and others. This is a very small contribution to conservation and sustainability but nevertheless, it counts and makes for a great teaching moment.

Anyone in the Math Department is encouraged to come over and put in some crank time towards charging the battery which requires more than 24 hours for complete charging. A sign up sheet has been placed near the instrument for students to log their names, crank time and instructors name. At least 10 minutes of use at a time is recommended, but more time is encouraged.

The "Art of Sustainable Science" project was conducted by Mika Munakata and Ashwin Vaidya a few years ago, and was funded by the American Physical Society.