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FAQ’s for Final Grade Submission

Where can I find the instructional doc to help me submit grades?

Instructions for final grade submission can be found in NEST.

Why do I get error messages upon attempting to log-in to NEST?

For best user experience with NEST one of the following browsers should be used: Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari. Microsoft Edge is not currently supported.

I can’t access NEST. Why can’t I get in using my NetID and password?

Your password must be changed in NEST every 6 months. If you have not logged in recently you may need to reset your password.
For additional assistance with any other NetID issues contact the OIT helpdesk at 973-655-7971 or

I am trying to grade my courses and faculty/advisor services isn’t showing my course. Why?

Final grade submission is through NEST self-service Banner. Once you have logged in ensure you have chosen the appropriate term and year. If you have confirmed appropriate term and year and still do not see your course listed you may not be indicated as the primary instructor. You must contact the Office of the Registrar. See contact information below.

When is the grading deadline for my course?

Final grades are generally due within three days of the final class meeting. See the Fall 2020 Web Grading Schedule for exact dates.

How do I know what part of term my course falls under?

You will be directed to the detail schedule for the course you select and Part of Term is listed as below:

I need to submit an interim grade of Incomplete (IN). How do I do this?

Submission of Incomplete grades is a TWO-STEP process:

First, you must post the IN grade on the grade roster. Once you click submit the system will direct you to a second page that lists all the Incompletes you have assigned for that course and notifies you of the deadline. You must also click submit on the second screen in order to have the grades post successfully to the roster. See screenshot below:

I am trying to assign a final grade for a student who has a ‘WD’ or ‘AU’ grade already assigned. What do I do?

You may not assign any other grade if a final grade of AU or WD already appears for a student. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance if you believe there is an issue or error with an assigned grade.

A student never attended or only attended my class a few times. What final grade do I indicate?

You should assign a final grade of ‘F’. Details for assigning an grade of ‘F’ appear below.

How do I properly assign an earned F grade?

A final grade of ‘F’ must have the last date of attendance posted on the roster. If a student never attended class the last date of attendance should be indicated as the first date of the class.

How do I know I submitted grades correctly? I can’t see them under faculty grades summary.

There is a button on the bottom of the final grade submission page called “Summary Class List” All grades you submitted will show there.

Faculty Grades Summary will be populated with all grades that have posted once the deadline has passed.

What do I put in the “attend hours” column?

An “Attend Hours” column appears on the grading page. This is not a required submission field and should be left blank by instructors.

What grading system does Montclair State University use?

Montclair State University uses a letter grade system.
Note: There is no grade of ‘A+’ and graduate level students may not be assigned ‘D’ grades.

What do I do If I need to make a grade change once the deadline has passed?

Grade Change Requests are now accessible electronically. Log into NEST. Under the Faulty Resources, portlet click on Self Service Banner to access the grade change request online form.
Please note an initial grade must have been already submitted prior to the grade change request.

If I have further questions about submitting final grades who do I contact?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at