A student sitting down in a lounge chair working on her laptop in a colorful room.

How to Apply to Graduate Through NEST

If you have earned 85+ hours as an undergraduate, 9+ hours as a graduate/master’s student, or 45+ hours as a doctoral candidate, you will be able to apply to graduate online.

Once you login to NEST, click on ‘Register for Classes’ page:

Screenshot of NEST when you log in

Select ‘Apply for Graduation’ from the “Apply for Graduation Portlet:

Screenshot of the NEST Register for Classes page with an arrow pointing at Apply for Graduation.

The next page will reflect your most recent term(s) of attendance, it is not the term in which you will graduate, click through this:

Screenshot of the Curriculum Term Selection page with Spring 2004 highlighted

This next screen displays all of your current Academic Programs.

Please Note: If what you see is not correct, stop here! Visit your advisor to change your program before starting the application again.

If the information here is correct, click the radio button next to “Current Program” and hit “Continue”:

Screenshot of the Curriculum Selection screen with a Current Program being displayed.

On this screen, using the drop down arrow next to “Graduation Date”, select the appropriate term and click “Continue”:

Screenshot of the Select Graduation Date dialogue box with Date: May 19, 2017 Term: Spring 2017 highlighted.

This next screen asks you what name you wish displayed on your diploma. You have the option here of changing or adding a middle name. Note that if you wish to add accents to your first or last name or to change your legal name in any way, you will need to contact us at Red Hawk Central to update a legal name. Once your name has appeared as you want it, select “Continue.”:

A screenshot of the Diploma Name Selection page.

Select the address to which you would like your diploma mailed (approximately four to five weeks after your graduation date):

Screenshot of the Diploma Mailing Address selection page in Self-Service Banner.

A summary of your graduation application will appear. If it looks correct, hit “Submit”. Your next contact will be in the form of an email sent to your Montclair State email account sometime during the term prior to your final term at Montclair State. You will not receive anything mailed to your home or campus address. You will see your “Graduation Status” updated on your Degree Works information bars (the red part at the top of your Degree Works audit). Select “Submit Request” if all the information is correct and you have applied!

The summary page for the Graduation Application with all the student's information inputted.