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How To Grant Proxy Access

Proxy InformationProxy Login Instructions

Proxy Management allows you to assign access for individuals to a specific part/view of your NEST account that you designate.

NOTE: Their access will be valid for a 7 day period. Please repeat this process if you wish to provide this access in the future.

1. Login to your NEST Account.

2. Navigate to the Proxy Access Portlet on NEST. To understand your rights as a student, please review the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act by clicking on FERPA. To activate the PROXY, click on the PROXY link.

3. Once on the Student Self-Service Proxy Access Landing page, click on Proxy Management.

4. Click on “Add Proxy” to add a new user and their information.

5. Add a new proxy user using the fields requested. Please be advised you must enter ALL of the fields indicated as required fields with found with this asterisk. Once finished, click on “ADD PROXY”.

6. Then click on “Expand John Doe”- To expand the Proxy User information.

7. Click on the “Profile Tab” and update the following fields:

  • Relationship field
  • “Passphrase”

Note: The Start date and Stop date is AUTOMATICALLY selected by the system. Their access will expire in 7 days from the time you have created this access.

8. Then proceed to click on “AUTHORIZATION Tab”. This prompt will allow you as the student to grant access to the following information related to YOUR account as the student. Click on each of these fields if you wish to grant access to certain views and/or “Select ALL’ to grant open access to ALL. Once you have selected these last options, an email will be initiated and sent to the PROXY user with instructions.

This access will automatically expire 7 days after it has been created. You will need to initiate this process again if the PROXY has not yet activated and accessed your account.