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Retrieving Your 1098-T Without Creating an Account

How To Retrieve Your 1098-T (Without Creating an Account) PDF

Please Note: 1098-Ts are not available for students that do not have a social security number (SS#) on record with Montclair State University. To add/update an SS# you must visit the Registrar webpage; use the form “Change of Name and/or Social Security Number”

1. Visit the Heartland ECSI website.

  • Select “I need my 1098T Tuition tax statement”
2. In the School Name dialogue box, input Montclair State University and select the Submit button:

3. On the next page, input all of the necessary information and select Continue: Dashes are automatically applied when you enter your Social Security number.

4. Select View Details

5. Select View/Print Statement: