Employer Reimbursement

Employer reimbursement is typically contingent upon academic performance. Students who are receiving reimbursement from their employers are responsible for paying the balance in full by the due date. Montclair State University will not defer tuition payments for students with pending employer reimbursement. If payment is not received by the due date students will be subjected to late fees, registration and/or transcript holds, and a possible interruption in courses.

Employers often request an itemized statement with the cost of tuition and associated fees (this information is also available on NEST). The Student Account Bill online and requested itemized statements do not include the costs per course.

Submitting a Request

Students can only email their request to: thirdpty@montclair.edu

Please Note: Failure to submit your request to the appropriate email will prevent your request from being fulfilled). Should you require an itemized statement, please fill out the Employer Reimbursement Itemized Statement Request Form. Allow five (5) to seven (7) business days for processing.

We receive a high volume of requests during peak times (at the beginning and end of a terms), during that time the response time may be longer than usual. Please be patient as we work diligently to fulfill your request as it will be filled in the order in which they are received. Do not send multiple emails as this causes a delay in our response time.

Please Note: Due to FERPA regulations itemized statements will only be sent to your Montclair State email address.

If you have questions regarding your itemized statement please contact the Office of Student Accounts directly, via Red Hawk Central.