About Us


The Department of Spanish and Italian has several distinct missions to fulfill at Montclair State University on the undergraduate and graduate levels. Foremost among its goals is to provide Spanish and Italian majors and minors, as well as Portuguese Studies minors, with the opportunity to achieve fluency in the target language and a deep understanding of the Spanish, Latin American, Italian, and Lusophone literatures and cultures.

Major Programs

Language, literature, and culture requirements as well as elective courses prepare our majors for professional careers and broaden their intellectual horizons by developing their analytical and critical abilities. The major program in Spanish and Italian consists of 36-39 credit hours.

Minor Programs

The minor in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Studies consists of an 18-credit course of study, which provides a balance of language, literature and culture, as well as Spanish and International Business.  Students majoring in such diverse fields as Business Administration, English, Sociology, and Psychology find that a minor in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Studies and the ability to speak another language provide a rich addition to their major field as well as greater possibilities in the job market.

World Language and Culture Requirement Courses

The Department of Spanish and Italian provides courses for students to fulfill the University's World Language and Cultures requirements.
Language courses that fulfill the World Languages requirement are: ITAL 101, 102 103, 140, 242, and 243; PORT 101, 102, 103, and 104; and SPAN 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, 135, 241, and 242.  Soon to be added are SPAN 221 and 232.

Courses that fulfill the World Cultures requirement in Spanish are: SPAN 376, and SPAN 472.  SPIN 262 in Italian fulfills the WORLD LIT/GEN HUMANITIES category of the General Education requirement.

Master of Arts and Graduate Programs

The Department of Spanish and Italian offers a Master of Arts degree in Spanish literature with a wide range of courses in Spanish and Spanish American literature as well as in literary theory, Hispanic linguistics, culture and pedagogy; and translation and interpreting. Students enrolled in this 33 semester hour program complete the Spanish program with a comprehensive exam. Conferences and lectures by Latin American and Spanish writers are an integral part of the cultural life of the M.A. program and students frequently have the opportunity to meet authors they have studied in class.

Several M.A.T. programs in Spanish, post B.A. Instructional Certification Programs with Teacher Certification in Spanish and Italian, P-12, and a post B.A. Certificate Program in Translation and Interpreting in Spanish are also available for students.

Conferences and Lectures

Conferences, lectures, and performances by Latin American, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian writers, film directors, and artists are an integral part of the cultural life of the Department of Spanish and Italian. Presentations by invited speakers directly relate to the literature and cultural history courses offered by the Department and allow students and alumni from Montclair State University and the region to meet and converse with eminent figures.