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Challenged Based impact Lab

Mission Statement

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) is excited to unveil its ground-breaking initiative, based on the the dynamic, hands-on educational framework of Challenge Based Learning (CBL). CBL is designed to immerse students deeply in authentic interdisciplinary learning experiences while providing ample opportunities for interaction with stakeholders, the development of 21st century skills, self-regulation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, and, above all, societal impact.

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At the heart of CBL lies a commitment to tackle real-world societal challenges that are directly relevant and deeply resonate with students’ personal experiences, ambitions, and concerns for the future. This approach is rooted in principles of neuropsychology, community engagement, and the latest in educational science. It represents a significant shift from traditional educational models. Here, instructors adopt the roles of coaches, co-researchers, and facilitators, steering students as they collaborate with experts, actual stakeholders, and community partners. This collaboration aims to address tangible societal issues, fostering a profound understanding and mastery of the subjects at hand. CBL’s unique structure emphasizes problem-solving and societal impact, positioning students not just as learners, but as active contributors to their communities and fields of study.

The Challenge Based impact Lab (CBiL) is the center supporting faculty to introduce CBL in their courses.

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