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Objectives and Learning Goals


The Social Entrepreneurship co-op internship program will not only teach students how to develop the skill-sets and knowledge they need to become a social entrepreneur, but will also allow them to develop innovative business solutions that can be applied to HT issues.

This co-op internship program is a hands-on learning experience. The students will also learn a basic understanding of human trafficking – its causes, its impact, and potential solutions.

Key Learning Goals

  • Learn about human trafficking, its causes, and potential solutions to helping victims.
  • Learn about the NGO’s role in addressing human trafficking, with a focus on the Covenant House of NJ
  • Learn about the fields of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, innovation and system change— and their direct relationship to the work of social issues.
  • Acquire concrete skills in community organizing, vision-crafting, particularly with an eye towards launching new solutions.
  • Develop a compelling personal narrative, in shorter and longer forms, which communicates the unique passion that a nonprofit group brings to its innovative work.
  • Explore the priorities and network with the leaders of the human trafficking eco-system to facilitate future mentorship and funding.
  • Cultivate a shared ethic of responsibility.
  • Instill confidence that each individual possesses the power to make change.

Program Benefits

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