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Future Students

You’re considering majoring in the liberal arts

Congratulations! Welcome to the study of human achievement. Liberal Arts programs expose students to the social, political, artistic and intellectual development of the cultures throughout the world. By learning about modern society and its influences, students develop a critical understanding of their position and responsibilities as citizens of the world.

The liberal arts are more important than ever

True education only occurs once a student learns to think critically. In the humanities and the social sciences, students are taught to identify and question authority. As our world rapidly conglomerates, these questions become increasingly relevant.

Explore the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The liberal arts encompass a wide range of disciplines. History, philosophy, political science, English, sociology and linguistics are examples of subjects that are part of the liberal arts. As a student in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) you will be part of a diverse community of thinkers.

Learn more about the cultural programs put on by the Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America. Throughout the year, these and other departments in the college host panels, screenings and book discussions that complement the material covered in CHSS classrooms.

CHSS learning occurs outside the classroom, too. See what our archaeology students are uncovering and the types of employment opportunities our students are preparing themselves for. Learn more about the clubs and other student organizations offered by CHSS.

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